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George P. Whitelaw, III Mr. Whitelaw is a Principal of The TOLI Resource Center.  He received his B.A. degree from St. Lawrence University in 1972. He spent 10 years in commercial banking specializing with closely held corporations.  In 1986, he co-founded a closely-held insurance sales and consulting company and managed its executive and employee benefits practice until June, 1998. In 1992, Mr. Whitelaw co-founded Custom Administration Services Company, a privately held TOLI administration support company. In 2000, he founded TrustBuilder Services, LLC, a successor TOLI administration support company.  In 2007 he co-founded The TOLI Center, LLC and currently serves as a Director and its Chief Executive Officer. Christopher G. Whitelaw Mr. Whitelaw is a Principal of The TOLI Resource Center.  He attended Miami University and University of Missouri-St. Louis.  He has 10+ years experience in the insurance industry specializing in Life and Health insurance administration and servicing corporate and personal trustees of Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts.  He also currently serves as an Administration Manager of The TOLI Center. E. Randolph Whitelaw Mr. Whitelaw is a consultant at the TOLI Resource Center.  He is a recognized Trust-Owned Life Insurance (TOLI) expert specializing in product suitability, premium adequacy evaluation and TOLI fiduciary liability consulting.  He has been a frequent speaker at TOLI risk management conferences and has contributed to various professional publications on the subject of prudent TOLI risk management guidelines and procedures.


The TOLI Resource Center provides design and licensing services of a custom TOLI administration service platform.  Our ILIT Management Database (IMD) is a low cost, user friendly platform that can be designed to the unique TOLI administration procedures of each client. The TOLI Center provides TOLI consulting, administration and portfolio management oversight services to institutional and personal trustees.  The TOLI Center has served trustees since 1992 and assists TOLI fiduciaries in evaluating vendor selection criteria, development of TOLI portfolio and compliance procedures, and annual performance monitoring of TOLI Policies.
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The TOLI Resource Center is a Trust-Owned Life Insurance (TOLI) consulting company to professional and personal trustees. The TOLI Resource Center and its related company, The TOLI Center, provide a full menu of TOLI portfolio risk management and administration services including TOLI policy administration and performance review services, custom TOLI software application design and licensing, fiduciary consulting, and life settlement consulting and placement services.
ILIT Management Responsibilities Prudent ILIT Management typically involves activities performed by the trustsee and activities outsourced to qualified third-party providers.
ILIT Delegated Services Four delegated services should be evaluated by ILIT trustees who lack insurance expertise and administration capabilities.
Unskilled Accommodation Trustees Unskilled Accommodation Trustee administration support services are available through The TOLI Center.
Credible Policy Evaluation Credible Policy Evaluation should be applied to all TOLI policies on a recurring schedule.

ILIT Management Database

The ILIT Management Database (IMD) is our custom software application licensed to clients to manage ILIT accounts and TOLI policies.  Each IMD is customized as either (1) an intranet application that resides on the client’s private network or (2) a data center encrypted application accessed by client staff with site administration provided by The TOLI Resource Center.
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Custom Designed for each client to include the necessary ILIT and TOLI management functions for their ILIT environment. Clients can license just the software application and are not required to outsource annual TOLI policy reviews or commit to any other TOLI support services; however, we offer an array of TOLI support services to supplement a client’s internal ILIT and TOLI administration capabilities. IMDs are licensed at a low-cost annual fixed fee without any user fees or TOLI policy volume fees.
Contact Us Contact us to review your TOLI administration needs.  We can provide sample reports and topical TOLI information and a username and password to test our ILIT Manaegment Database.


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The ILIT Account dashboard provides easy access to all ILIT management data, including account information, TOLI policy information, grantor and beneficiary names, gift and fee schedules, and more. Each IMD includes additional dashboards to manage and track gift, fee, and Crummey notices, and TOLI premium payments. Contact us to review your ILIT and TOLI management needs.  We can provide a username and password to access a demo IMD application.